Normandy Farms Annual Neighborhood Sale
Posted on Apr 1st, 2024

Normandy Farm Residents, it is time to organize your treasurers and get
ready for the Normandy Farms Annual Neighborhood Sale
Saturday, June 1, 2024
If you are participating in the sale and would like your address and item
categories (children’s toys, tools, games etc) listed on a buyer’s sheet for
shoppers to see when they are shopping, look on the neighborhood
website.  Under Homeowner’s Area you will find a form to complete and
return to Michelle.  Michelle has her email on the form available for our
residents if you have questions.  You will need to have this form submitted
to Michelle no later than May 15, 2024.   We can then post a shopping list with
address and item categories on our website under NEWS and possibly on
Next Door where all shoppers can look.  This is just a modern version of
what we did years ago and made available to shoppers on paper.  Any
resident can participate in the sale.  You do not have to list categories, but
in the past our residents felt this helped direct traffic to their house.   
Remember, to see the Homeowner’s Area you must register on the HOA
website.  When you register, please follow the directions carefully and add
your email address.  We only send an email from the HOA when there is
something important that directly impacts our neighborhood.   
As in the past, your HOA will have billboard type signs advertising the
Annual Neighborhood Sale installed at the main entrances to the
neighborhood for one week prior to the sale.  There will be red flags
available on the porch at 7551 Perrier Drive to help identify your house. 
The smaller signs will be put out the morning of the sale to help direct
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