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Block Party / Picnic
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Saturday, September 7, 2024 4-8 PM is going to be our Block Party Picnic. 
Dubonnet Way between 7610 and 7615 (we will block off the street) and we will provide hot dogs, brats, condiments and water with music.  Bring a side to share and your own drinks and chairs.  More detail will be posted when they are available.
Things we could use if you have them to share (feel free to drop them off between 3:00 and 4:00 PM and we will help set them up):
- we need someone with a truck to pick up and return the grill that is rented
- popup (tailgate) tents
- tables (any size)
- does anyone know of something for the kids for an hour or so like face painting
Normandy Farms Official Page
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The Normandy Farms Homeowners Association website is the official source of neighborhood news.  The Facebook page is not run by the NFHA Board.
Notes from the February 27 meeting
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Normandy Farm HOA Special Meeting
February 27, 2024. St Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church
6:30 – 7:30pm
Meeting Notes 
Board members introduced themselves. General concept of what it means to be a “voluntary HOA” was presented. The NFHA HOA has no enforcement ability.  Neighbors need to address concerns with neighbors, as they arise, or contact the city if they believe a city ordinance is being violated.  The NFHA board cannot investigate or judge any disputes.  Also notable is the fact that some homeowners were aware of covenants that went with their properties, and many homeowners had no idea there were such covenants. 

Other topics included:
1.    Advertising Annual Neighborhood Sale.  It is advertised on the Website and Next Door.  There are also large billboard signs erected one week in advance at each main entrance to Normandy Farms neighborhood.  Other social media options will be considered. Michelle Livers has volunteered to chair the Normandy Farm Annual Neighborhood Sale on June 1, 2024.  Further details will appear on the website.
2.    Zoning issues go to the City or Mayor’s Action Center.
     A. For issues w/ breach of covenants or easements
     B. Original Covenants are located on the website and your section can be found with your address.

3.    Lots of folks are getting calls from commercial investors to buy our homes.  Concern was expressed regarding intent of these companies to rent or flip and sell.  Concern neighborhood could become run down if number of rentals gets too high.  Sometimes you cannot tell if a house is owned by a company or individual or how it will be used.
4.    Legal Questions for Board to consider. 
     A.    Is there any city zoning we can request enforcement of to limit the number of homes that can be used as rentals or Air BNBs in NF?  Having a voluntary HOA means that the board does not, (indeed cannot) enforce any “rules”, even if they were written in the existing covenants.
     B.    Green Area Easements are different than Utility Easements. Both exist in Normandy Farm and can be seen on the plats where the original covenants were filed.
     C.    Call a meeting to review and unify the covenants - there is interest. The existing covenants can be found on our neighborhood website You can locate the section your home is in by first finding your address.  

5.    Street resurfacing desperately needed.
     A. Call the Mayor’s Action Line (317) 327-4622 or go to Request Indy.
     B. We need multiple neighbors to do this to get action from the city.

6.    Recommendations – contact board to volunteer!
     A.    Post signage out when annual dues are due (in addition to letter)
     B.    Neighborhood Facebook Page
            •    Great way to get more neighbors engaged. 
            •    Snail mail and website alone are insufficient.
            •    We will need to be clear on community guidelines to mitigate potential liability.
            •    We have a potential volunteer to create and moderate a FB page. 
     C.    Neighborhood Socials – events and ways to connect.
            •    Welcome packages for new residents.
     D.    Have board or HOA members for specific duties (e.g. communications, social chair, etc.)
            •    This makes it easier for people to know whom to reach out to for certain things.
            •    People who volunteer for the board will have clarity around expectations. 
     E.    Crime Watch Committee?  We previously had one before the Next-Door app. The app is much quicker for sharing information. 

7.    Potential future Neighborhood Activities – if interested, contact the Board.
     A.    Volunteer for Neighborhood Cleanup with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB)
            •    Consider partnering with Brennan Woods
            •    Years ago, NFHA and several neighborhoods partnered w/ KIB to plant trees and shrubs growing around the DOT salt barn at 71st St. and Lafayette Road.
            •    We could organize a workday to remove invasives that are competing with the native plants.
8.    Neighborhood Reminders for all residents.
     A.    Place garbage cans in your driveway - not the street - so the postal workers can deliver your mail.
     B.    Rake leaves out of street drains to allow water to drain.
Download Notes here (PDF)
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It's now possible for you to upload photographs from around the neighborhood.  Please keep them appropriate to the target audience. 
Please do not submit photos of children without parental permission.
I'd also suggest you do not include names.  We have established a category for Holiday, Yard Sale, and the Block Party photographs.  All images will be reviewed before they are made public.