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Drain Grates and Snow Reminder
Posted on Nov 12th, 2023
Drain Grates
Please clear the drain grates in front of your property of leaves, branches and debris to prevent damming and icy areas when the temperatures drop. This is extremely important as precipitation increases with winter rain and snow. This will make walking safer for all residents during the winter months.
The board has assigned a team to keep our drains and curbs cleaned.  If you have leaves standing/collecting in the curb/gutter along your yard, our team will be raking and blowing them into your yard to assist in your collection and disposal of leaves.  Much of this is taken care of with your standard mowing. 
The complimentary red flags, though not as effective as taller more substantial markers, can be used to mark property lines and are located on the front porch at 7551 Perrier Drive. If there is a long stretch between mailboxes or you live on a curve, this is especially helpful for the plow drivers.
This is a neighborhood of mostly 3 car garages and long driveways. We encourage all residents to regularly park their vehicles on their property and off the streets. When accumulating snow is forecast, it is very important to remove parked vehicles from the road to ensure a cleaner plowing job.
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It's now possible for you to upload photographs from around the neighborhood.  Please keep them appropriate to the target audience. 
Please do not submit photos of children without parental permission.
I'd also suggest you do not include names.  We have established a category for Holiday, Yard Sale, and the Block Party photographs.  All images will be reviewed before they are made public.